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About First Palm Equities

First Palm Equities is a Commercial Mortgage Broker based in the Southeast that obtains funding for real estate investment projects , Flippers, developers, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, and investors alike. First Palm Equities was founded by CEO Jerry Cannon. Jerry started out as a Mortgage Broker on Long Island back in 1987. He remained in that role through 2018. In 2019 Jerry became a loan consultant for Alpha Funding. In 2021 Jerry joined Palm Beach Funding Group as Senior Private Equity Consultant. In 2023, Jerry Created First Palm Equities based on the foundation of 40 years in the lending industry. Well respected in the industry, he brings his experience, knowledge and passion to find the right funding solution for your project.

Mission Statement

Why should I use a Broker and not go directly to a lender?

Did you know that direct lenders call us every day and ask us for business. Most lenders have a broker program that allows us as brokers to charge the same exact price for rate and points! Absolutely no different had you went directly to them!

We are Dedicated to find the right Commercial Lender to match your project. Direct Lenders claim that they are the fastest cheapest way to borrow money. As Commercial Mortgage Brokers, we work with many lenders and research literally
100, s of programs and piece the puzzle together…

Most direct lenders are limited to 5 or 6 programs which could limit your acquisition LTV or charge a higher interest rate!

WE take the time to Listen to what you are trying to accomplish. We then can identify the correct financing solution for you and the final decision is yours. This takes time and knowledge of the marketplace. We would rather make less money and forge a long-term relationship with you by finding the best financing solution Tailormade to You.

Most Real Estate Professionals work with many Commercial Lenders until they find a Company that they can Trust. We pride ourselves on becoming your preferred Commercial Mortgage Broker We are only a phone call away. Please reach out anytime! Phone calls are
returned within the hour.

We want to make your experience Simple and Easy with the Care and Respect that you Deserve!

We Look Forward to working with you. Call us Now!

Very truly Yours,

Jerry Cannon



First Palm Equities strives to provide our clients with top notch, seemless, and exceptional service since 2007.


We respect all of our investors, borrowers, and referral partners, treating them as equals and value them as a vital part of our success.


With our experience and track record of reliability.


Holding our team and selves to the highest standard of ethics and conduct to provide the highest level of professionalism in the industry.


Providing our unmatched customer service to our borrowers and referral partners provides comfort when dealing with time-sensitive and difficult situations


We strive to provide the best nationwide private lending platform for real estate investors in the private lending space.


Our resources and guidance along with key experience in real estate development and investing to help add value to you and growing your business.

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